Public health officials face an important trade-off in messaging. Do you provide a simple but clear guideline or do you provide one that is more complex but allows people more options and choices? Or you could be the UK.

When I first heard about the UK’s Covid Christmas guidelines that…


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Countries are releasing their vaccine distribution priority lists. With some wrinkles, those who are in healthcare, key essential jobs and are older will receive the vaccine first in most places. The sole criteria are the prevention of fatalities and more serious complications although only coarsely. For instance, it isn’t quite…

The lessons I’ve learned in 2020 as a university professor

Photo: Sam Wasson/Stringer/Getty Images

Zoom has taken over our lives and will continue to rule for the foreseeable future. But if those meetings drag on, what games can you play to keep yourself amused? After nine months of this, I have some suggestions.

Where will they end up?

You are in a meeting and suddenly someone gets up and…

Polio had ravaged the world for over five decades. A terrible disease that caused paralysis and death, primarily in children, was feared by all. In 1955, after decades of research, a safe vaccine produced in Jonas Salk’s laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh had arrived. The US government sped it…

Joshua Gans

Skoll Chair in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. and

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